Help on data entry

There are three submission formats:

In addition, when data has already been entered in the current panel, an option Keep the data already entered leaves the data untouched.

File upload

Supported formats

See Data import section of Technical details topic for advanded details about the import.

Data formatting in Microsoft Excel, TSV and CSV

Data formatting is essential if you want your file to be correctly recognized and interpreted by PanelomiX. Formats imported with the foreign package (as indicated in the list above) should already be properly formatted.

The following rules apply:

For TSV and CSV, make sure your file is encoded in unicode (UTF-8) or contains only ASCII characters.


The following image shows a correctly formatted data:

Valid format: one patient per line, different markers in different columns and titles on the first line are a correct format. Formulas and some formatting (bold, colors, …) are OK. Missing values must be coded as empty (blank) cells.

Next examples show incorrect formats:

Wrong format: empty first row, two title lines, merged cells, missing values coded as text and long format (more than one line per patient and all marker names in a single column and marker values in another) are NOT OK. Only the first sheet is considered.

From another panel

A list of all your panels is shown. Simply select the panel from which you want to import the data and submit.

Copy from spreadsheet

Format the data as for file upload (see above). Select the data you want to import (avoid selecting the whole sheet as it could paste a huge amount of blank cells and freeze your computer), click on the Copy from spreadsheet and paste your data in the field that appears.

Data size limit

Files up to approximately 10MB are accepted by the server. (This limit can appear to be slightly lower to the server during the transfer). If your data is bigger than that and you get a "Request Entity Too Large" error, please contact the administrator.