Help on details

In the details page you need to choose the markers to include in the panel and determine the grouping variable.


The biomarkers you want to be included in the panel. There are two kinds of them: test or fixed.

Test markers will be tested for inclusion in the panel. They will be included only if they improve the classification. The downside is that the inclusion of more test markers will slow down the computation.

Select “Fixed markers” if you know they will improve the classification or if you want to include them anyway. Fixed markers will always be included in the panel, even if they worsen the classification.

Grouping variable

The grouping variable determines the two groups that will be discriminated by the markers. A typical example of grouping variable is the “diagnosis” variable. Other example include “outcome”, “gold standard” or “patient status”.

Typically, a grouping variable will have only a few possible values which you will then need to select as control (negative) or case (positive).